With more and more companies choosing to outsource parts of their supply chain today, the need for greater supply chain visibility and operations control is becoming increasingly critical. According to Transmetrics, the predictive optimization software company, supply chain visibility startups like MOST are the key to addressing this need and bringing more efficiency to the logistics industry.

In their recent article, “Logistics of the Future: Best Supply Chain Visibility Startups,” Transmetrics investigates this growing industry need for supply chain visibility and lists the 10 startups they believe are best equipped to fulfill it.

“New supply chain visibility technology promotes quick response to change by allowing privileged users to take action and reshape demand or redirect supply, and fully integrated supply chains see 20% more efficiency than those without integration,” Transmetrics writes.

Real-time monitoring is the future of cargo transportation

MOST is proud to be one of the 10 future-thinking startups on Transmetrics’ list, with our real-time monitoring solution:

“The customized software solution and the premium Internet of things (IoT) hardware reduce costs and increase control for monitoring from the farm and/or factory gates to the distribution centers,” Transmetrics writes about MOST.

“The company also cares deeply about its environmental impact, using its proactive solution to help save cargo or reroute cargo that has been under strain,” they add.

Read the full Transmetrics article, “Logistics of the Future: Best Supply Chain Visibility Startups” here.

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