In a recent survey, conducted amongst 300 shipping and freight professionals, the conclusion was that the chaos caused by  Covid 19 will initiate the usage of technology in the logistics industry to a far greater extent than before. 

The Survey also noted that “Global supply chains and shipping as we know them will be different. Sharing information and understanding best practices will enable the industry to come together and combat this as a whole. If there was ever a time for collective efforts, it is now.”

According to 67% of shipping and freight professionals interviewed, they plan to invest in technology following the Covid crisis, stating that the pandemic has heightened the need for technology especially in the area of supply chain visibility and the need for real-time information.


At MOST, we are dedicated to providing shippers and freight forwarders with real-time cargo visibility solutions during this increasingly challenging environment.

We can assist shippers with:

  • Reducing the risk employees are putting themselves at when they have full sight of their shipments right from their home office.
  • Status of cargo/container condition (Temperature, Humidity, Light, Shock).
  • Bottlenecks in your supply chain are identified so that actions can be taken.
  • Reduction in human error through more automated monitoring.
  • Ability to share data with all supply chain stakeholders right from their laptop, phone, desktop, or back end application.
  • Real-time proof of delivery of your cargo to its destination.
  • Automated compliance for service level agreements provided by real-time data.

The MOST service is industry known for high data quality and reliability, and in times like this, reliability is EVERYTHING. Easy to deploy and manage, the MOST solution allows minimal interaction between supply chain parties.

Please contact our supply chain experts: Anders Christenson or Alexander Miovic and we can plan out how to give you and your customers the peace of mind knowing that your cargo is being monitored every step of the way. 

Source: The Survey was conducted by Shipping and Freight Resource and sponsored by Ocean Insights amongst more than 300 shipping and freight professionals across the world, 96% of which were from carriers, logistics providers, freight forwarders/NVOs, consultants and shippers/BCOs took part.The Load Star