Maintaining visibility and control across the entire supply chain is vital to growing a successful business and navigating the unique set of challenges you might encounter along the way.

The ever-expanding Internet of Things (IoT) promises to not only solve the supply chain visibility issue. IoT technology can also help businesses gain the insights they need to achieve a myriad of goals—ranging from better customer service to reduced labor and administration costs.

Solving the data management challenge

Many companies are eager to jump on the IoT wave and start leveraging smart business benefits. However, there is one roadblock standing in the way: How do you manage and analyze the massive amounts of data needed to reap these benefits and gain meaningful insights?

Luckily, a new generation of advanced IoT tools is already emerging on the scene to solve this very problem. These tools help businesses automate data management and analytics, and make it possible to keep track of billions of IoT-connected devices as well as the performance indicators that matter most—all in real-time.

According to recent insights published by MIT Technology Review, the value these IoT monitoring and performance management tools deliver businesses is game-changing:

“Instead of taking hours or even days to identify a performance issue, the monitoring tool can quickly and efficiently locate the problem’s source, correlate the data, and enable the business to swiftly implement a fix. This improves reliability, increases customer satisfaction and retention, and lowers overall product support and ongoing maintenance costs.”

Connecting your supply chain with IoT and real-time monitoring

In the shipping and transportation industry, IoT performance management tools like real-time monitoring are helping businesses connect their entire supply chain for greater visibility and optimization. With real-time monitoring, sensor-collected data is streamed continuously for immediate access and review with zero to little latency between collection and delivery.

Real-time monitoring solutions maximize the visibility of your supply chain so that you can protect your cargo and make smarter data-informed decisions that help you maintain a competitive product, happy customers, and a strong overall business. Having access to vital information and emerging trends in real-time allows you to make better, more proactive decisions about the things that matter most.

Industries of all sizes and types can benefit from real-time monitoring—including those working with perishables, textiles, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and industrial goods.

Benefits of real-time monitoring for shipping and transportation

  • Get actionable insights in real-time
  • Eliminate risk of human error
  • Create greater transparency
  • Collect data independently
  • Cut administrative costs
  • Manage supply chain more sustainably
  • Maximize profit potential

Keeping track of the variables that impact your business is vital to maintaining control and ensuring future growth and success. Real-time monitoring connects all the dots—with continuous data streaming that provides greater visibility every step of the way.

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