Digitalize your supply chain with real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring can help you maximize supply chain efficiency, become more sustainable, and expand your business.

Digitalize your supply chain with real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring can help you maximize supply chain efficiency, become more sustainable, and expand your business.

What is real-time monitoring?

Real-time monitoring is a process, enabled by IoT, where sensor-collected data is streamed continuously for immediate access and review, with zero to little latency between collection and delivery. Having access to vital information and emerging trends in real-time allows you to make better, more proactive decisions about the things that matter most.

Keeping track of the variables that impact your business is vital to maintaining control and ensuring future success. Not all monitoring systems are created equal, however. Traditional milestone-based monitoring solutions such as data loggers often require costly installations and leave you vulnerable to data blindspots in between checkpoints. But real-time monitoring connects all the dots—with continuous data streaming that provides greater visibility every step of the way.


One of many hugely beneficial applications for real-time monitoring is cargo transportation. When your entire business hinges on the status of your cargo, having a monitoring system in place is vital to keeping variables in check— such as location, temperature, light, humidity, and shock. In the MOST real-time monitoring system, a small reusable device placed together with cargo collects data using highly accurate, digitally pre-calibrated sensors.

This data is uploaded to the cloud at every available opportunity via a GSM network. Users can check data updates and reports at any time from any device using a web-based control panel. Otherwise the system sends alerts if and when action is needed.

Benefits of real-time monitoring

Expand your business with real-time monitoring

Growing your business comes with a unique set of challenges as you explore new international markets, develop partnerships, and encounter new compliance demands. Maintaining full control across the supply chain is critical to the process.

Real-time monitoring solutions maximize the visibility of your supply chain so that you can protect your cargo and make smarter data-informed decisions that help you maintain a competitive product, happy customers, and a strong overall business. There are many different types of industries that can benefit from real-time monitoring, including those working with perishables, textiles, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and industrial goods.

Manage your supply chain more sustainably

When it comes to sustainability, cargo transportation is a prime example of a sector where real-time monitoring can make a positive difference.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, every year about one-third, or 1.3 billion tonnes, of food produced globally for human consumption is either lost or wasted. The transportation sector is a major contributor, where damage and contamination are common occurrences. Transportation related pollution is a major concern too. As supply chains become increasingly global, distances grow longer, and multiple transportation modes are often required— leading to greater energy demands.

One of the keys to transportation sustainability is the creation of greater transparency along the supply chain. This is where real-time monitoring comes in. Real-time monitoring empowers supply chain managers with the knowledge they need to ensure cargo arrives in the best possible condition—or intervene and prevent damage before it’s too late.

Thanks to improved data accuracy and accessibility, real-time monitoring can also help increase energy efficiency across a supply chain. With more reliable cargo shipment data, inventory safety stocks can be reduced, dock scheduling improves, warehouse resources can be used more efficiently, and better planning can be done around shipping ETAs.


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