No cargo shipment is free from the risk of moisture damage. Temperature fluctuations, humidity, and undetected container flaws can cause moisture levels to build up during transportation. In the worst case, the goods are damaged—with costly consequences for both your business and the environment.

The good news is that moisture damage is preventable. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Absortech. Working together, we can detect potentially damaging moisture levels in real-time, and then use what we learn to identify the best solution and prevent it from happening again in the future.

A shared mission to detect and prevent cargo moisture damage

When we first met with Absortech Group, we immediately discovered common ground. Like MOST, Absortech is committed to solving the problems that crop up during cargo transportation, and helping their customers prevent waste and protect profits.

Not only that, we also discovered that when our solutions work together, we can create incredible value for our customers. MOST real-time monitoring delivers real-time data insights and reporting on the variables that impact cargo moisture levels. And Absortech, a leading provider of moisture protection technology, has the expertise and range of solutions needed to prevent damage before it starts.

“The logic behind this partnership is simple,” says Jon Hjertenstein, CEO at MOST. “Both companies are solving problems appearing during transportation and shipping. By partnering up we become even stronger, there are many synergies between us.”

Accurate data insights are key to discovering the best transport solution

Cargo journeys are unpredictable. The ability to conduct accurate moisture measurements during transit is a critical step in uncovering vulnerable points along a journey and determining which desiccant (moisture-absorbent) solution will be most effective.

Before our partnership, Absortech was using traditional data loggers for this initial testing stage. This meant that they had to wait until a journey was complete to track down their device and extract the data insights they needed. Now, by adopting MOST real-time monitoring, they are able to collect accurate data in real-time— ideal for both testing and follow-up performance monitoring.

AbsorTrack™—Real-time monitoring powered by MOST

The result of the MOST-Absortech partnership is AbsorTrack™. Powered by MOST, the monitoring technology forms an important piece of Absortech’s five-step testing process, called AbsorTest™.

AbsorTrack enables Absortech to perform a comparison test of moisture development across several containers, and validate which desiccant or combination of desiccants works best. In the comparison test, MOST real-time monitoring devices measure and track relative humidity and temperature inside each container, and share the data in real-time. The data, along with automatically generated reporting, helps Absortech evaluate the efficacy of their desiccants out in the field—and, ultimately, select the best solution for their customer.

AbsorTrack offers valuable feedback even after a solution has been implemented. Placed together with a customer’s cargo, a MOST real-time monitoring device allows them to monitor the performance of desiccants and proactively make any needed improvements over time.

Driving a new age of data driven transport solutions

The MOST-Absortech partnership has proved to be a highly constructive one. We’re both excited to continue exchanging knowledge and ideas so that we can continue to develop, and better serve our customers and the industry at large.

“We have the deepest respect for each other’s business and offerings,” says Rikard Kanmert, CEO at Absortech Group. “In addition – we both operate out of Sweden and have a global reach. One by one we help the industry to detect or prevent damages. When we now integrate we add a lot of value for our customers; reduce their waste, improve their profit and protect their brands. It also helps saving mother earth.”

Among other joint activities, a pilot project is currently underway where we’re exploring how seasonal change affects the performance of different desiccants. One desiccant might work great in the spring, but perform less optimally in the winter. By pooling our respective areas of expertise, we’re able to uncover new insights and co-create the solutions of the future.

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