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Empowering your success through real-time cargo monitoring.


Operated out of Europe’s tech capital Stockholm, MOST has been helping customers succeed through real-time cargo monitoring since 2014. Transforming industries with new ideas and technology is part of our DNA.

MOST was born out of the idea that people value real-time cargo information. Designed with customer input, our technology makes it possible to easily detect vital information about cargo conditions— on ships, trucks, trains and more— from anywhere in the world.

Today, we help our customers solve transportation challenges on all five continents, with benefits that extend beyond quality shipments. The positive outcomes for business planning, decision making, insurance premiums, and more are huge. MOST’s future-oriented solutions are even being used beyond their original application for perishables, textiles, and electronics, as industries of all kinds discover the invaluable role that MOST plays as a partner in their success and growth.

Supply chain intelligence and visibility for all

When it comes to sustainability, the cargo industry has a lot of room for improvement. MOST believes that one of biggest keys to change is creating more meaningful insights and transparency along the supply chain. With the right information at the right time, any supply chain can be managed more efficiently.

Empowered by knowledge about what’s happening during cargo storage and transportation, the right people can intervene to prevent damage and ensure that everything arrives in the best possible condition. Not only does this yield economical benefits, it also contributes to the fight against food waste and transportation related pollution.

Together we can all learn and improve. For a more sustainable world.


MOST is a modern, fast-paced company with a creative heart and global mindset. We have team members all over the world.


Alexander Miovic

Business Development


Matilda Bouchet



Anders Christenson

Business Development


Yosan Araya

Logistic and customer support manager


Go Green with MOST

Being environmentally friendly should be easy. That’s why we at MOST offer all of our customers to join our Go Green program. Joining the program will give you a price reduction and you don’t have to do any work – we at MOST will take care of it all.

Go green with MOST – For a more sustainable world.

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We love what we do and are always looking for new team members who can share that passion with us and complement our team. If interested, please feel free to submit an application below.

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